Mobile Banking

HOME BANK OF CALIFORNIA now offers Mobile Banking. Now you can bank anywhere, anytime. Learn more about this exciting feature.

What is Mobile Banking?
Mobile Banking is a service that allows you to complete Internet banking transactions through a Web-enabled mobile device.
How can I activate Mobile Banking?
If you are enrolled in Online Banking and have a Login Name and Password, you can already access Mobile Banking. Simply go to on your mobile device.
Mobile Banking is active, now what?
Login using the appropriate links at the top of this page. If you cannot login please call us at (858) 270-5881.
How much does it cost?
No additional fees or costs are associated with activating and using Mobile Banking.
What kind of mobile devices can use the Mobile Banking service?
Most Web-enabled phones or other devices with a WAP 2.0 and XHTML-MP compatible browser can use Mobile Banking. You must have an active data plan through your service provider to utilize Mobile Banking.
Can I change my Mobile Banking username and password?
Yes. Changing the username or password for Internet Banking settings will also change your settings for Mobile Banking.
What types of accounts can I access with Mobile Banking?
You can access personal or business accounts through your mobile device.
What types of transactions can I perform through my mobile device?
In addition to viewing account information, you can pay existing bills, make loan payments, and transfer funds.
Can account history information be accessed through Mobile Banking?
Yes. You can view a variety of information about past transactions, including the transaction date, description, and amount. You can also search history by account type or date range.
What happens when I use an invalid username or password to access the site?
An error message appears indicating that invalid logon credentials were used, and the system does not allow logon.
How can I provide feedback on Mobile Banking?
After logging on, you can use the User Feedback option to send us any suggestions for improvement.
What kind of security is included with Mobile Banking?
Mobile Banking includes the following security features:
  • 128-bit encryption.
  • Password protection.
  • Automatic session expiration. The application will time out if the customer has not used the application for several minutes.
  • Privacy protection. No private data is stored on the mobile device.
  • Reduced risk feature set. Customers can pay existing bills but not set up new bills, for example.
  • Masked account numbers. It masks account numbers with Xs whenever practical within the application.
  • Site-to-user verification. It asks customers to confirm an image and phrase upon logging on so they know they are dealing with their bank.
  • Multi-factor authentication. Mobile Banking provides a multi-factor authentication feature that appears whenever the user attempts something unusual, such as using a different mobile device or accessing the site from a new IP address. This feature asks the customer personal questions, and in order to continue, the answers must match the ones they entered when they signed up for the service.